Software development FAQs

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1. What are the most common mistakes in software development?

Before developing custom software applications, mainly developer unable to define the correct information what their clients generally needed. Product specification is generally the common mistake during developing of software product. Clients also sometimes unable to define the requirement of project.

2. What problem will be solve by the software?

Before developing the software developer must be aware of what the problem can arise during implementation and how can it must be solve. Software developer should be point out all information for implementing coding phase on it. First identify the problems of the client then implement according to their requirements.

3. What features are the most important for audience?

It is necessary task for developer to understand the user needs and what generally target audience want. Software and navigation must be user friendly so that they get lot of information by using it. Audience plays important role to make your software more useful.

4. What are the phases of software development?

Following are seven phases of software development and each must be defined properly

  • Gathering information and requirement is the basis task.
  • Understanding requirement and collecting tools for fulfilling these requirement.
  • Specification of product.
  • Designing of product.
  • Programming.
  • Test and quality checking.
  • Maintenance.
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5.What is the most important programming language for software development?

Programming language become the root part in developing of software. It is engineering phase and a software developer must be proficient in Perl, Visual Basic, Java, C++, Python, Tcl, and C.

6.What type of technologies must be used in software development?

Technologies are changing phase in the IT industry and you must be updated on all present and future technologies for developing of software.