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In today’s world where even the rural people are going digital, online or digital marketing tends to be more effective than traditional marketing. To hike in brand awareness, increase in revenues and make the online presence of the brand noteworthy in this crowded market, an efficient digital marketing strategy is a necessity today.


What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a new way of marketing & advertising with the use of the Internet, smartphone devices, search engines, social media platforms and other online sources to reach the targeted consumers. Many brand experts consider a digital marketing company in Lucknow, to be an entirely new resource which needs a different way to approach consumers. It uses innovative methods to understand the overall customer’s behavior as well.

By thoroughly studying the brand, this method targets the specific segment of the consumer base with an interactive content strategy. It is currently booming and proving to be very effective with search result ads, email ads, social media marketing, content marketing and and short tweets, etc. Online marketing tends to incorporate marketing with consumer feedback and focuses on to build a two-way interaction channel between the company and the consumer.


Use of digital marketing

In the field of digital marketing, Advertisers are known as sources and members of the targeted advertisements are generally referred as Receivers. Sources commonly target their high specific, well-defined receivers to show their advertisements. Let's take an example. Burger King started opening their restaurants till late night and needed to get this word out in public who are going to visit at night. Then, they started targeting workers and people with night shifts, and also other travelers by opting for digital advertisements as they knew that these were the people who are going to use their late night business. They encouraged their targeted audience to download their Restaurant finder app while targeting them with advertisements at ATMs and gas stations, etc. They also put it on their website who visits their website frequently at night. SEO is the main tool which can create magic in digital marketing. And, there are few best SEO company in India which help you to get the best results.


Digital Marketing is a new way of promoting and advertising goods or services by using different digital channels. As today, almost every person has their online presence due to access to cheap data and affordable smartphones. And moreover, these numbers across the globe who are accessing the internet is gradually increased every day.


A company or a business can use digital marketing when they want to:

✓ Connect with their potential clients on a global level

✓  Want to engage with them

✓ Create brand presence and awareness

✓  Posses desire to sell their products or other services at an affordable rate

✓ Earn a higher return of investment


Type of Digital Marketing Methods

1. Search Engine Optimization

Almost 95% of users at online experience start with search engines also, so if your brand needs to generate more website traffic, customer leads, and sales as well, you definitely need SEO services. SEO is responsible for generating higher keyword rankings on Google that results in high rewarding website traffic, consumer leads, and sales creation on the internet. If you do not know about the basics of SEO, then you can hire a suitable and best SEO company in India to get the better results.


As per an online research survey, 97% of users strive to go online and find the local services around them, and almost 82% of these smartphone users utilize a search engine when searching for a local business. All the businesses can connect with these active consumers by using local SEO techniques. These potential consumers are always looking for your business, you just need to use these online marketing methods to make your products visible to them for generating the leads. To get the desired benefits of SEO, it is better to hire a team or any best SEO company in India for the management of your SEO part.


2. Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Pay-Per-Click advertisement (PPC) can be a short-term and a long-term marketing strategy that will reposition your brand to the top. This marketing strategy avoids the waiting period to grow online ranking because you get instant brand visibility and generate leads through paid ads. Google Premier Partners and Microsoft Advertising associations are few of the pay per click analysts that may help you to put out your ads. You can get a pay per click team from Google and Microsoft who will optimize all your marketing strategies and online ads.  They also strive to lower your cost-per-lead from your pay per click ads and also take responsibility to increase the return of investment (ROI) on all the digital marketing campaigns.


3. Google Local Advertising

Google Local advertisements offer the most pocket friendly marketing services at the comfort of your home. Your brand will be found at the top of every Google search on both mobile and desktop devices. These kinds of local services build connections of your brand with these potential users who are searching for some particular services that you can provide. If you hire a creative marketing agency, their team will be managing all your entire online campaign. They manage right from setting up your profile to creating the bid strategies. They also dispute necessary calls on behalf of your brand.  


These online ads which are displayed on all Google platforms come in the form of PPC marketing strategies. These strategies target unsuspecting internet users based on their location and your current customer base. You can create engaging advertisement content that will help you to grow your brand in online presence and stay in the minds of consumers.


4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing method which is not only a cost-effective way to grow your brand but also generates an average of Rs. 40 value on every Rs. 1 spent. A professional team of email marketers that a digital agency directly provides, can help your brand to stay in the minds of consumers with your prospects. It also stabilizes your brand in the minds of your existing customers because it involves sending custom email newsletters each month to them. These internet marketing services consist of designing, content writing, and a segment of customer list to create more leads and sales in the internet market.


5. Social Media Marketing

A survey has concluded that all the social media users out there spend an average of 2 to 3 hours each day browsing and using their desired platform, making social media marketing an efficient and effective platform for advertising. You may create good strategies to grow your brand and generate leads by engaging with the local community. You can also build your business page which will increase likes and followers across social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. You can take advantage of such online platforms for your brand marketing.


Digital Marketing in India

As the quantity of Work from Home jobs are increasing due to Covid-19, several companies are going towards opting digital marketing for their brand advertising and marketing. So, We can definitely expect a good demand for digital marketing services in India. And, when the economy will restore to its normal level, it will boom like never before.


If we go through the last one decade, the requirement for digital marketing in India has increased very rigorously. Corporate and small business owners have now started giving more than 50% of their budget on digital marketing because of its cost efficiency. This is creating many great opportunities for different agencies and even for businesses to target these online users for conversion. When we talk about conversions, SEO comes first in the mind. When the SEO part is done by a professional or any best SEO company in India, then it comes out with efficient results.


Since 2019 digital marketing in India has increased 26% from the previous year to reach Rs. 13,683 crore business, where the overall advertising growth has become 9.4%. Digital marketing India is really booming and expected to grow at 27% in 2020 to cross the 17,000 crores mark. As per the research of a best SEO company in India, digital marketing in India will cross the 970 million mark till 2025. So the increasing benefits and efficiency of digital marketing is surely going to create great scope in India. They are now considered as a hero to grow every kind of business and you can also hire a digital marketing or any best SEO company in India to grow your brand with the help of digital marketing.


Cost of digital marketing in India

Though there is no fixed budget for online marketing, there are several factors that can impact the pricing of digital marketing such as the size of your business, amount of people you are targeting and in what areas or demographics you are targeting.


Generally, the average expense on digital marketing for small brands can go from 25,000 Rs. Per to even 12, 00,000 per year, depending on the audience size, campaign and demographics. The budget varies as the type of methods and services you take to grow your brand in the digital world. If you are doing only google ads and not doing the SEO part, then budget would be different and vice versa. But it is suggested to perform SEO at first place from any good and best seo company in India. We must keep in mind that the procedure of digital marketing is never ending, so your budget can change as per the needs of your business.


Why choose Barrownz Group for Digital Marketing?

Barrownz Group is not just an average digital marketing agency. We focus on associating for the growth of your brand. Every professional member of our team has in-depth Market knowledge marketing and studies your business as if it is their own. In this way, our work reflects the prime soul of your business while delivering results as per your businesses’ specific needs and ambitions. It is also considered one of the best SEO Company in Lucknow


There is no one-size-fits-all digital marketing agency. We know we can’t help everyone. We work with people and brands who are looking for a long term partner who wants stable business growth. Apet from the being an industry leader in social media, we are also a best SEO company in India. We will take charge of your marketing aspects and then will lead your brand in the correct direction. 


We take forward the vision of stable business growth by creating effective online marketing campaigns. As a best SEO company in India, we take a look at your current marketing dominations and then rebuild its foundation with the help of our innovative digital marketing strategies. With us, your Business will not only grow but will go deep down into the heads of every person you want it to target.


Final words

Online marketing is also a crowded and competitive world. Although, an opportunity to provide the goods and services in both local and online markets is empowering, the competition is significant all over the platform. The brands who are investing in digital marketing to grow their business are getting good results and their visitors are giving huge attention to their brand.  The marketers and their digital marketing services are developing a balance to build a unique value proposition and brand voice. They are testing and creating marketing campaigns on various online channels to grow any brand's channel.


If you are a business owner then it is important to have an idea about the basic fundamentals of digital marketing. This will help you in appointing work to a digital marketing agency, estimating the agency’s performance, and the overall expertise of the digital activities carried by them. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced one, you can rely on a best SEO company in India who are suitable for all your digital marketing works. Our services of digital marketing are tailored for a stable and profitable business growth.


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