Facebook Marketing

More than 1.5 billion people use Facebook every single day and at multiple times. As connection matters, Facebook gives a platform to connect business with your target audience to make an online presence. In the year of social media, Facebook Marketing helps to discover things easily to meet its goals. It is a free marketing tool which includes pages, groups, and ads to broaden your reach because of its easy user-friendly features.

Featuring potential users on social media by Facebook is employed by
Local-Business - To gain fanbase from your locality to globally facebook helps to reach more clients.

Non-Profit Organizations - To raise funds and Charities, and public service campaigns facebook leverage to gain presence.

Brands - To directly connects with common people, Facebook helps to promote more easily.

Facebook pages are often linked to company web pages and A business page can be searched for as soon as it is up The most important aspect of Facebook marketing is the uniformity of communication.

Ways of facebook marketing

1. Facebook Campaign - The objective of the campaign is the most important parameter to start marketing of your business. As Facebook uses this information to target the audience accordingly.

There are visible facebook objective options as-

Brand Awareness – Increasing brand presence as per the audience interests

Reach – At a time number of people can be connected.

Traffic – Using the Facebook app, messenger or website page contributes to traffic.

Engagement – Number of posts shares, comments, likes on your post.

Catalog Sales – Ads which shows items from catalogs to the target audience.

Store Visits – Attract people to your store nearby to them.

App Installs – Increasing brand presence as per the audience interests

Video Views –Reach more people to increase your video view count.

Messages – Interaction to connect with them directly.

2. Ads -

Facebook offers various ad templates to design ads. For this, they just need a tagline and creative description of the product to attract the audience. The various Facebook's Ad Types are - image ads, video ads, carousel slideshows, lead form ads etc.

3. Facebook Page Marketing -

Apart from Facebook ads, brand pages also help in creating a pool of leads responding to the products. Facebook pages are built to give a detailed structure of what kind of products and services the business is offering.

Page marketing is effective when only frequent posts are done and to give valuable feedbacks.

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