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Best Facebook Marketing Agency in India

Looking for customer growth and retention? You landed on the right page. We are dedicated to accelerating your presence on one of the most commonly used social media platforms “Facebook”. Our experts are gifted with creativity and strategic skill. Our happy customers love to call us “nonpareil” for our approach, and we love the compliment. However, there are such countless things that we are complimented for us we have an audience connection as our superpower. We master the skill to create an empathic connection through your brand story.

We focus on our competitor’s strategies and keep the audience engaged with reposting and engagement posts. We know how to utilize your budget for a profitable ad campaign venture. We guarantee increased website traffic that is directly proportional to an increased conversion rate. Being the best Facebook Marketing agency in India, we understand the value of your investment. Let us help you achieve the twinkling dream that is still in process for no reason.

Our Facebook Marketing Services in India

Barrownz is known as "Maestro" when it is about escalating your business growth using the social media platform "Facebook." Amid so many unreal promises, it's time to switch to the experts. Our commitment is to deliver the prolonged success that you were striving for. We are dedicated to providing services that tend to work for your hurdle dedicatedly.

There is a reason that we are known as the Best Facebook Marketing Company in India. We believe in providing quality service with transparency and monitoring growth. Post that will compel the audience engagement. With the fruitful meddling of organic and paid ad strategies, we will generate maximum traffic to the business. We are stagnant about delivering quality service.

Facebook Audits:

To evaluate the current Facebook marketing strategies and analyse the reason for the failure of the campaign. Later using the information to create a strategy that never misses the target.

Page Creation & optimization:

We will create a Facebook page for your business that will have all the information that your customers need to know. Post that we will also optimise the page to increase its visibility and engagement.

Campaign Management:

We manage your campaign by setting up ad series and creating ad copies and their optimization. Objectives are set according to the goal and approach of management is also taken into consideration.

Design & copywriting:

With the help of our designers and ink slingers we tend to create nonpareil post designs and copywriting copy for your business. These creative ads and posts increase customer engagement.

Landing Page A/B Testing:

We monitor and test A and B landing page figuring out which engages the customers more, brings more clicks, increase leads and conversions which helps in maximizing the overall revenue of the business.

Analytics and Optimization:

We analyse the growth and performance of the ads and marketing strategies that we place for your Facebook marketing. Post analysis we also optimise the campaigns that needs to be.

Our Facebook Marketing Approach

We Analyse and create a Facebook Marketing Strategy that Promotes your brand.

  • 01
    Research and Define Goal
  • 02
    Planning and Strategy
  • 03
    Execution and Promotion
  • 04
    Monitor and Optimize
Have an Idea
Have an Idea?

Convert your idea into a profitable business.

How We Work

Research & Development:

We analyze the current status of the page and conduct a thorough R&D sessions to revive the page.

Competitor’s Research:

We watch every move of your competitor to put our game a step ahead.

Setting up a strategy:

Create a tailor-made strategy competent enough to act as a CPR for your page.

Content Creation:

With our creative wordsmiths, we never fail to curate authentic and engaging content for the posts.

Upscaling the growth:

Implementation of all the above well-planned strategies to accelerate your growth.

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor and keep you posted about the performance of the page.

Industries We Serve

We provide Facebook marketing services in India for the following industries.

Why Choose Us


Meet a Company with Integrity

  • Experts on board
  • User-friendly experience
  • Ads and Posts that connect
  • Enhanced Website traffic
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  • Increase Followers
  • Improved engagement
  • Improved Overall Revenue
  • Empathetic Connection with the brand’
  • Increased Customer Retention

Our Pricing

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$180 / mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing services are when you use social media to find customers. With the help of posts and paid audience, engagement is generated, and a lot of traffic to the website from which you can increase your conversion rate.

Does Facebook marketing work?

Yes, Facebook marketing works and helps you to generate traffic. There are around 2.934 billion Facebook users, and if the strategies are placed together, you can get the most unexpected traffic. People hire Facebook Marketing agencies to solve their purpose, especially for Facebook advertising.

Why Should You Invest In Facebook Marketing Services?

The reason that you should invest in Facebook Marketing Services is not limited to just products or goods. You can promote everything, be it your creative videos or content. Here is what you can do with this platform:

- Remarketing

- Target your niche

- Customer support

How many types of Facebook ads are there?

Regarding Facebook Marketing services in India, numerous ads are used to promote your products and services. Here are the types of ads used for the promotion of the business you own:

Image ads:

A single image ad can be used in multiple different ad types.


A video ad to market your target product and service gives high engagement.


From 3 to 10 images in a video that plays like a slide show.

Stories ads:

The story feature is so in fashion, and you can use the space for advertising your goods and service.

Instant Experienced Ads:

This is for mobile-only ads based on the user’s search history, and the products will be displayed like carousel posts.

Carousel Post:

A reader or viewer can flip through images and videos of your product and services. The ad has a heading, link, and description of the product.

Collection ads:

More likely to the mobile phone platform. Viewers can look at all the products lined up in that ad.

Catalogue ads:

In these ads, the products of the websites are directly linked to FB. So, viewers can access that product now from the ad.

How can I promote my business on Facebook without paying?

Yes, Facebook can be used to promote the business without spending anything. Here are some of the tricks used by top Facebook Marketing companies in India:

- You have to create amazing and engaging content

- Try to embed your post wherever possible, like your blogging website.

- Ask people to like, share and comment as the Facebook algorithm works more likely to do that.

- Ask your followers and fans to receive the notification on your fan page.

- Write engaging content and ask your audience to comment on it.

- Mix and match your content and increase the shelf-life of your content

- Apart from being a content creator, you have to be a curator.

Can I sell on Facebook without a website?

Yes, you can sell on Facebook without having a website. But it is best to have one for your business and advertising on Facebook.

How much does Facebook marketing cost?

The cost of Facebook marketing depends upon various factors like keywords, kind of campaign, etc. Also, it depends upon the strategies of the Facebook Marketing Company.

Will Facebook marketing help grow my business?

Yes, due to a large number of people as its user, it helps you to fish a lot of customers for your business. Moreover, Facebook allows you to get your niche audiences. For effective strategies, people even hire Facebook Marketing companies in India.

What are the Reasons to Use Facebook Marketing Services In India?

There are so many reasons to use Facebook marketing services in India:

- To get the target audience

- Increased Engagement

- Easily narrates the brand story

What does a Facebook Marketing Company in India Do?

Facebook marketing companies in India help to narrate your brand story to your niche. Their astounding strategies help your business to mark growth in digital presence and gain engagement and traffic to the website.

Why Hire A Professional Facebook Marketing Company In India?

Hiring a Professional Facebook Marketing Company is essential as they have experience and strategies that can enhance your digital presence. In addition, they understand the business nature and the key to connecting with the niche.

Why Choose Barrownz as Your Facebook Marketing Company in India?

We have professionals who are proficient at their work. We have creative designers and writers to create unparallel posts for your business. We are dedicated to providing top-notch quality and work for customer satisfaction. Being the best Facebook Marketing Company in India, we do business and earn lifetime loyalty and relationships.

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