Grow Organically Stop Building Links & Start Earning Them



Have you heard the term organic growth of a website? Confused about the term? No worries at all. We will discuss the organic growth of your website as well as how you can enhance it.

Organic growth comprises the growth in web traffic and conversion rate of a website with the help of its model or in-place marketing strategy. Organic growth is an outcome of the non-PPC ad strategy. You can experience organic growth simply by content updates most of the time. These days most of the digital marketing companies in Lucknow, are focusing on this strategy specifically. 

Why is so important to value organic growth? It is so because organic growth is very specific about niche targets. When a visitor finally lands through the organic result of a search engine, they are very specific about what they want. It becomes that opportunity that you longed for. If you can provide them with the service or solution, be it anything, then they will likely be converted into a client from lead. This is the reason that this SEO services in Lucknow and the world, is acting as a magnet to attract the attention of digital marketing experts and agencies. 

Without an investment of a penny in organic marketing, you earn chances to generate revenue.


How can you grow organically?

Growing your business organically isn't an easy task as it might sound (Hello! as it's free and needs zero investment). When you don’t invest in paid ad promotion, then you have to work systematically. You have to plan your strategies, and conduct research to keep an eye on growing trends in the market. Here are some ways that can help you grow your business website organically.


A few ways to ease your work:

  • Plan your content with a compelling piece of writing. Co-related it with the real-time issues and solutions of the people that they are looking for.
  • Format your content according to SEO. For that, you need to mention and specify your H1, H2 and H3. 
  • Try to choose semantic keywords to drive organic growth.
  • You can also personalise your content by using specific long-tail keywords. 
  • Use an innovative CTA that should compel people to visit the page once.

These are a few ways that can help escalate your organic growth. There are another secrete but not so secrete ingredients that will pitch your website organically. That ingredient is backlinks. You can build links for your website or simply earn them.


Let's understand in more detail. 

Often there is a debate between link building and earning links. Both techniques have their fan base. Some experts favour it and some prefer earning it. 

First, we will start with clearing our concepts. We will understand the difference between both. 


Difference between Link building and earning it:

Here are some differences between link building and earning it:


Link Building;

  • This is all about generating the result without considering the method of achievement.
  • It translates to lesser value being provided to the audience.
  • Generates short-term typical SEO results. 

Link Earning:

  • Relies on content that is valuable enough to deserve links.
  • It creates a strong foundation that brings the link automatically.
  • It helps in earning good quality links and generates trust in your audiences.

These are some of the differences between both aspects of SEO service. In nutshell, we can say that link building might help you to boost one of the pages of your website but, earning a link provides value to your website. It gives a piece of content that will hold value lifelong.

Now your mind must be haunting you with a new query of ‘how can we earn links for a website?’ 

That is no maths, it's just three easy steps that are usually followed by a digital marketing company.


Those three steps are:

Step 1- High-quality news pick-ups

Step 2- Brand Authority

Step 3- Top-tier follow links

By following these three steps you will be able to earn good quality links.



Which one to choose?

Finally, concluding on which one to choose? The answer is quite simple as everything is clear over time. If you are looking for a short-term quick result, you might choose link building. 

But if your goal is to add value to your website and have a long-term appreciation with audience trust, then earning a link is what you need.

Also, it depends upon your business and what suits it the best. So, it's better to choose experts of the best SEO Company in Lucknow, who can guide you to clear the clouds of confusion.

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