How To Use Social Media To Gain A Competitive Advantage

Look around, and you’ll see gadgets of all shapes and sizes that can perform a range of functions. They also offer worldwide connectivity through social media which constitutes people from all corners of the world.


Apart from connecting people, social media is heavily used for advertising. Businesses and enterprising personalities avail of social media marketing services in Lucknow mentioned below to enhance reach and increase sales.

Popular Social Media Tactics

The following are proven ways used by every SMO services company in India to increase social media reach:

Distinguish Your Audience

The whole world is on social platforms, but only a section of it is useful for your venture. You need to identify your potential customers by examining their demographic information, interests, requirements, issues, and so on. Fortunately, any social media optimization agency in Lucknow can provide this data to distinguish the right audiences.

Set Targets

It is necessary to set proper goals before embarking on your SMM journey. Social media marketing services in Lucknow use the SMART model to create realistic objectives:


Specific: Simply put, your target must be precise and easy for other team members to understand. For example, you need to increase your Instagram followers by 5% before the month’s end.


Measurable: SMM lets you measure diverse metrics that affect your campaign’s performance. You can make adjustments to eliminate drawbacks and ensure that your goals are properly aligned.


Achievable: Small, achievable goals result in better performance than greater, unreasonable ones.


Relevant: To maintain relevance in the market, your targets must conform to the overall aim of your business.


Timely: Your objectives should be practical so that they can be achieved within the set time frame.

Use Relevant Platforms

There are numerous media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. at your disposal. However, you need to select the ones that best fulfil your requirements and host the right audience to guarantee conversions.


You can leverage multiple platforms by taking social media marketing services in Lucknow and adjusting your strategy for each.

Analyse The Competitors

You’re obviously going to be a part of the market where there’ll be a number of lesser and greater firms doing the same thing as you. It is wise to examine their approach before jumping into the competition.


A social media marketing agency in Lucknow can shape a unique strategy for you after determining your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Avoid Over-Promotion

Too much promotional content can deter your social media growth as it’s not an authentic marketplace but is used for the purpose. Therefore, you should produce a mixture of informational and enjoyable content to connect with people. You must also interact with similar brands and like their content to enhance your social presence.

Engage Directly

Almost all social channels allow direct interaction between people. You should take advantage of social media marketing services in Lucknow and directly engage with your target audiences to build a human connection.


Create posts that involve the audiences, ask for their opinions, or quiz them. Additionally, you can create custom hashtags to be involved whenever people discuss anything related to your brand and services.

Set A Calendar

You must have heard that excess of anything can produce adverse effects. The same goes for social media. Best Social media marketing services in Lucknow can help you create a calendar to schedule multiple posts and maintain a constant, healthy presence.


You must also consider the time of posting on the selected platform, as users are generally active at particular hours of the day.

Relate Content To Current Events

Something going on locally or globally always starts a discussion on social media. Some events can be more dramatic and cause extensive debates. Try to take advantage of these happenings by making related posts to increase your brand's visibility. This will also indicate that you are aware of social conditions and care about people’s opinions.

Use Personalisations

The strict competition and large scale of social media have forced most brands to construct highly personalized campaigns to target potential consumers based on their interests and needs. Social media marketing services in Lucknow include insights and past behavior analysis of users for developing a customized social media strategy.

Conduct Regular Polls

While using analytics is a great way to know the likes and dislikes of users, it is seldom a direct approach. It can overlook a lot of critical information, ultimately causing business loss. By conducting polls, you can tell users their demands, problems, suggestions, etc., creating an effective plan.

Use Chatbots

The recent introduction of AI into the spectrum of common users has been debated. No matter what side you choose, the efficiency of AI-powered chatbots in communicating with users cannot be underestimated. You can integrate chatbots into social channels to resolve customer queries without human effort. 

Employee Brand Advocates

The people who love your brand can be employed as brand advocates who can promote your products or services to their followers and improve organic reach. They may not have as large a base as influencers, but they can give a solid testimony because they have actually used your products.

Allocate Your Budget

SMM is like any other marketing but more cost-effective. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t allocate a proper budget. Ideally, you should employ a social media marketing company in Lucknow to manage your marketing needs at an affordable price.

Wrap Up

Social media can be the most powerful tool in promoting a brand. It offers numerous benefits while incurring low costs and develops a reliable connection between a business and its audiences. You can take social media marketing services in Lucknow to create highly personalized content that fits the intended channel’s algorithm and boost your online visibility.

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