Things That You Never Expect on Marketing Trends and Tips for a successful 2021.

2020- 2021 has seen massive changes in nearly every profession. The novel Covid- 19 has made people explore new strategies and working methodology. Digital marketing is no different. There has been upgradation of digital trends, tools, and technologies. This article will walk you through online marketing tips to be successful in 2021. 

Online marketing is also called digital marketing. It is understood as marketing via using online tools, technologies, and software. It involves promotion of brands online to connect with potential customers using the internet. Digital marketing makes good use of email, social media, and web-based advertising. Through different online channels, digital marketing helps you to reach a larger audience, giving you the opportunity to increase your sales.


The Role Of Digital Marketing In A Nutshell

Digitalization is the need of the hour. Whether you have a start- up, small scale, medium scale, or large business, hiring a digital marketing agency is vital. It will offer you far more opportunities to reach customers via various online channels. Online marketing helps in speedy brand awareness through website, social media campaigns, and digital ad strategy. Digital marketing is pretty common now, and consumers heavily rely on it as a way to learn about brands.

To stay in lead, and beat your competitors you must get in touch with a digital marketing agency, to have more options, strategies, and tactics for your business’s success. The role of online marketing can be pointed into the following manners:



Digital marketing is easily affordable, it is less expensive than traditional marketing. Prices vary from service to service, but in all online marketing do not put any pressure on your pockets. The most commonly opted services opted by businesses for online marketing includes banner ads, email marketing, content marketing, and social media posts. Online marketing publicises brands globally, and offers you flexibility.



A digital marketing company can tremendously expand your business online, promoting you on various platforms. It gives you the opportunity to appeal people, invite more traffic, formulate successful campaigns, stretch your brand recognition, and boost sales.

In a digital marketing campaign, you familiarise your customers about your brand via content, website comments, messages, reviews, and social media posts.



Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, makes tracking your customers easy. It helps you to know about your customer’s need, browsing pattern, and choices of products/ services. You can also communicate with your customers, stay in touch, track their activities, and update them about your new offers and products. Online tools help you monitor ads and types of content that are viewed most, so as to improve your strategy.



Online marketing makes it easy for you to comment on issues and queries related to your product and build an authority in your niche. With right research and knowledge, a business can establish itself as an authority on the leading topics, and make people increase the purchase. Digital marketing can brand you as an industry expert.


Mobile Access

Smartphone are dominating the digital world. Nearly every activity and program can be executed on smartphone as similar to a laptop. In this scenario executing digital marketing via mobile will help you reach to more audience.



Digital marketing is useful for giving you more chances to engage to the customers.  Multimedia makes you combine multiple types of content, such as photos, video clips, and audio, and gain more traffic.



Digital marketing is further beneficial for making you communicate directly with potential customers, those who see your content through website comments, messages, reviews, and social media posts.  Via online marketing you interact with your customers and get to know their preferences better.


Types Of Digital Marketing

Online marketing is a vast area, comprising of various sub categories. Here is a note on the most important types of digital marketing:


Content marketing

Content marketing is simply marketing with words. It deals with the creation and the distribution of content, whether in the form of text, pictures, videos, or other multimedia. Content adds value to your brand, and thereby appeals your audience. Content informs in creative ways, via social media posts, blog articles, educational videos, and fun videos.


Search engine marketing (SEM)

The basic of any digital marketing agency is search engine marketing, where the usage of keywords improves your website’s ranking. SEM makes you appear at the top of the results when someone searches for your brand, products and services. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top search engine pages. SEM includes both organic and natural search done simply on your desktop computers and mobiles



Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of SEM. As the name implies, herein a digital marketer makes use of keywords to make a particular brand reach a better rank on search engine pages.  Basically, you optimise for search engines by creating content that is actively searched.



PPC is elaborated as pay per click. It is basically paid search advertising executed via Google AdWords or Bing Ads. PPC, like SEO helps to increase your rank on search engine pages. It makes you appears at the top of the page with appealing Ads. You can upgrade your rank by choosing the most demanded keywords, geographical location and demographics, especially if you are and e-commerce or a local business.


Mobile marketing

Smartphone are used more actively than laptop and desktops. A digital marketing company must integrate mobile marketing in its digital marketing strategy for any client.  Mobile marketing overlaps overlap with a lot of the other types of marketing. It involves adapting marketing techniques to mobile, and doing mobile-specific things like in-app advertising, sending text messages, and using social messaging apps. Mobile marketing is the best way to connect to a younger audience since they spend most of their time on their phones


Social media marketing

Social media is a booming marketing platform. There are various social media sites creating a whole new dimension of engagement and interaction. Social media marketing iis flexible and broad. Instead of just broadcasting messages out to a mass audience, you get to actually interact with your customers and listen to what they have to say. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn are the most common social media channels. They have options to promote via organic groups, page posts, stories and messenger.


Email marketing

Email marketing never fails. It is one of the most effective digital marketing types. It is especially important for e-commerce sites and retail brands. Email marketing pushes brands to update their customers with seasonal promotions and discounts. Also, email marketing is used for sending regular newsletters which nurtures your prospects, gives them value, and pushes their products and services.


Incredible Marketing Tricks For 2021

A digital marketing agency must take notes of the following tips and tricks to renders successful results to its clients:


Digital Transformation Continuing

Digital transformation is a prime focus in 2021.  This year has made companies realize that going back to ‘normal’ is not happening soon, and the best way to stay active is go online. Companies from every industry are up for leaning into digital technology. Being agile online, and active in all facets of business, especially marketing, is the key to success in 2021.


Consumers Going Numb To Digital Ads

Digital marketers need to think out of the box, because by now consumers have become bored of cliché digital advertising. They have been locked up in their homes, in front of their screens, for past one year, hence by now they are familiar with tons of ads. . Brands should therefore think beyond the simple go-to media format and reach out their customers in unique ways. Out-of-home advertising is very effective and makes you aware of the surroundings.


Accelerated Adoption of Automation

A digital marketing company should adopt automation for every online marketing channel. 2021 has brought various options for accelerated adoption of automation. Online marketers now need such tools that allow them to carry out all their normal tasks while saving resources, and being budget friendly. Implementing automation will improve efficiency and produce results.


Growing Focus on Meaning and Purpose

2021 is seeing a growing focus on meaning and purpose. The new marketing trends allow companies to transcend transactions.  It helps you to beat your competitors, and have your own an authentic place to attract customers. The purpose of today’s digital marketing is to drive marketing to new heights and invite prospective customers, who have enough chances to turn into clients.


The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

IT (information technology) is getting upgraded day by day. Programmatic advertising is crucial today. It is the best friend of a digital marketing agency in 2021.  Programmatic advertising gives you insight into real-time reporting, finite targeting options, and enhanced fraud protection. It also optimises your budget.


More Social Selling

A successful digital marketing strategy is the one which brings up more sales via socialization, or should I say social media. One should never underestimate the power of social selling, especially on LinkedIn. Also pay attention to the quality of leads that you can generate via paid ads. Its a quality technique to increase your sales. LinkedIn has seen a rise in decision makers and promotion in 2020 and 2021.  Showing up on LinkedIn is highly recommended for digital marketers in 2021.


Influencer Marketing Getting Even Bigger

Influencer marketing is gaining importance day by day, and is certainly going to be bigger than ever. You just have to collaborate it with the right, target-audience influencers, so as to gain an authority. Influencers work as king of content and levels up your brand reach.


The Death of Cookies

Cookies are dying, anyone browsing online is reluctant to accept cookies. Hence, a digital marketing agency should give up on cookies. There is a new push for marketers to use alternative mechanisms for targeting audience such as SSO (Single Sign-On). More authentication options will emerge this year, so keep your eyes open.


Growing Importance of Direct Mail

Direct mail is taking impetuous exponentially. Since people spend so much time at home, and businesses are going digital, it is recommended to use postcards, and direct email.


Sustained Focus on Building Brand Advocates

Building brand advocates never goes off the track. It continues to be the most effective and affordable marketing strategy.


New Alternatives in Social Media

Social media, too, expands constantly. Social media has various channels and platforms, which have their own trends.


More Focus on Instagram Reels

Amongst various social media channels, Instagram has gained enough notice because of the new Instagram Reels. It is undoubtedly a major trend, and lies at the forefront of the Instagram algorithm. Instagram reels are the charm of the app. Digital marketers must use Instagram reels. They must create and prefer Reels over standard videos. Also, make sure that the content is being seen by as many people as possible so as to increase the number of followers.


Short Videos Remain Popular

Short videos are prevalent all over the world. Although the trend, was initiated by TikTok, it was then adapted by Instagram, and continues to be popular. Short videos are popular amongst the younger target groups. They are pretty powerful from a business’s point of view.


The Rise of E-Commerce Purchasing Capabilities

A digital agency must realise that there is an expected rise in e-commerce purchasing capabilities. 2020-2021 has brought new opportunities to the digital landscape, and hence, e-commerce purchasing options have increased. Every field is going digital, gyms, for instance, provides digital sessions, telemedicine appoints online and personal wellness consultations come over Zoom. These people will need e-commerce solutions to take full advantage of this uptick in digital reliance.


The Cost Of Digital Marketing In India

The best advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is affordability. Businesses usually hire a digital marketing agency that looks after all the associated activities. In turn, digital agencies charge them. The charges depends upon how many services do you opt for, and what digital marketing packages do you want.

Every digital marketing has its own pricing structure depending upon the digital marketing services that they offer. You will find different ranges, from cheap to costly to medium- budget friendly.  A digital marketing company will work hard to increase your brand visibility and helps in generating the best results, without making you look twice into your pocket.

There are lots of factors that affect digital marketing pricing and budget, for instance the size of your company and the scale of your project. On an average, the cost of a digital marketing budget for small business lies between 20,000 to 100,000 per year. However, you should remember that to be successful, you will have to be flexible in your digital marketing expenditure.


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