Technical SEO tasks that are critical to organic success

Technical SEO can be referred to as website and server optimization which makes it easy for the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., to crawl and index your webpage efficiently. Website that are decked-up with certain technical characteristic experience preferential treatment in search result. The concept is simple, google robots crawl and evaluate the content so that they can give the best to their users. So, your website is technically sound, you have a fair chance to be ranked on SERP. Most of the SEO Company in Lucknow, look forward to using technical SEO tasks to enhance their clients' website productivity. 

This is executed through various tasks. In this write-up, we will discuss some tasks that will help your Technical SEO deliver the best result possible. Here are some of the technical SEO tasks that will help you to boost your business:


Optimize site architecture:

The architecture of your site is its foundation. The performance will automatically be degraded if your website is not well structured. Not even a single page will be able to perform so that it can get a chance to be crawled, appearing with search results. Hence there will be zero revenue generation. So, it would be best if you have good site architecture that you could optimize. This is quite a common technique that every Digital marketing company in Lucknow, uses it. 

It is essential to have a logical flow of your website. The pages of the website should be in hierarchical order. If your website has a well-defined structure, the job of search engine crawler becomes much easier.  Nowadays interference of artificial intelligence in Google ranking algorithm voice search has helped websites gain more importance. A well-structured site always helps SEO to understand your content in a better way. It also allows you to get a place in Google search. You can optimize your site structure by following these steps:

Preplan your site structure. 

Divide your group content into several categories

Optimize these categories according to SEO

For navigation, always use HTML and CSS

Utilize breadcrumb menus 

Make your permalink structure SCO friendly

Be very careful using your internal link structure 

Always create a sitemap for users


Crawlable Pages:

There should be a valid status code for search engines as well as users so that they can access your page. SEO experts have to ensure that the pages to be included in the index should have a 200 HTTP status code. 

You also have to ensure that the robot.txt files should not block the indexation of the pages. Usually, people do not pay attention to crawling off the pages. But it is essential as noncrawlable pages do not get ranked highly in the SREP. 


Here are a few tips to make your website crawlable:

Try to avoid building the entire website and navigation setup on flash. It has been noticed that search engines have a little bit of trouble crawling flash.

Use a simple JavaScript menu. Try to avoid complex JavaScript as, again, the search engine has trouble reading these scripts.

It is also suggested not to use AJAX as these are invisible to search engine crawlers. Hence it is better to avoid it.


Be sure which page allows indexing:

Indexing a page is essential because only an indexed page gets a chance to appear on the organic search result page and drive organic traffic to the site. But you have to be sure about which page of yours allows indexing. Indexing is primarily dependent upon the content, as when a search engine indexes your webpage, it feels that it has the most relative and authoritative content. The search engine only allows such content to be up on the search result, bringing users value. 

So, you have to keep an eye on which pages have been indexed by a search engine. Here are some tips that will help you to get indexed by Google:

Open Google search console

Move to the URL inspection tool

Paste the URL of the page that you would like to index into the search bar

Let Google check the URL 

Click on the "Request indexing" button

Ease your page experience:

Always ensure that users have a good experience while using your website. It has been noticed that a slow loading page reduces the conversion rate. Along with Google, other search engines also expect and encourage the site owners to revamp their website and optimize their technical structure, which helps their content rank up in the search results.

These are some of the technical SEO tasks that can help you achieve organic success. You can go through these steps to help you manage some of the tasks on your own. The technical issue can be a little bit hectic and confusing. It is always better to allow experts to rule space. You can hire the Best SEO Services in Lucknow, to complete your work. 

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