A Complete Guide to SEO for Beginners: What You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves editing and improving the content to increase the traffic on any web page through search results. It is one of the best ways to increase reach on any webpage. SEO services target the unpaid traffic which is known as "organic reach", rather than directing traffic through paid ads. Unpaid traffic and viewers create different varieties of online searches that may consist news, images, videos, academics and all the other industry specific search 

Many people consider SEO too hard and not worth the learning and investing. If we start simply, the basics of SEO are actually simple to learn. The fact that more than 58% of the website traffic comes from Google, it is certainly something worth learning for students, and business owners as well. Learning about SEO services are beneficial for all kinds of people who are dealing with online marketing and own a website. 

Higher ranking is the most crucial benefit of SEO, and the ranking is a great form of marketing your own brand and gaining visitors on your website. The real benefits of SEO are generally traffic related.


Benefits of SEO services: 

1. Increasing traffic on website 

SEO uses an inbound strategy of marketing for any business. Unlike traditional outbound advertising that gets involved through reaching out to the consumers stating whether they want to listen about your product or not, inbound marketing methods make it easier for your audience to find your website when they want the specific information.

There are traditional methods of marketing such as spam emails, cold calling and ads which can be done with marketing goals in mind. And many customers find them very annoying. Whereas Inbound marketing is much more centred go customer's needs. In place of disturbing your client base as they are watching Television or listening to the music on radio, one can make the specific information accessible to all more easily. 

2. Advertisement without payment

Organic ranking of Google entirely depends on what its algorithm specifies to get the best results in any online query. Thus, once we have made a page that a search engine starts to direct their users on your webpage, it will attract traffic continuously for several months after we have published it online.

Obviously researching and writing high quality content needs investment in our country. The investment will either be in the form of time duration of yours or hiring a SEO Company in Lucknow, to do the same.  

Once you have made that primary investment, there is no need for further cost to attract traffic on your website or say content. You may need to update the webinar page at a certain interval of time, depending on the nature of the website theme or topic.  Search results remain free of cost.

3. SEO results in more clicks than PPC

Although pay per click or PPC ads appear above the organic rankings, over 75% of online searches result in a click on an organic result in first place. 

It is difficult to say why this is so, maybe due to a logical conclusion that a user trusts Google's algorithm more. A user knows which spot an advertiser is paying for, which they choose not to click instead visit the pages that appeared on search engines with organic means. But leaving the reasoning behind, the majority of the clicks for any given search go to an organic result in the end.

4. SEO builds good relationships

Although SEO services and PR look very different and separate marketing techniques, one can use them together to maximize the results of your business. 

Main component of any SEO strategy is to get the links from reputable websites. As a result, one of the biggest responsibilities of an SEO professional is to identify chances for the coverage on related industry blogs, news articles, and other relevant sites.

As we know PR strategy revolves around getting suitable publications and influencers to talk about your company, SEO gives a huge opportunity to improve PR of your business. When link building research is used to find new ways of getting brands in front of customers, you will seem to be much more effective in distributing the content to your potential clients, and thus, generating leads. You can do it by yourself or hire a SEO company that can help you generate leaves through many techniques of SEO marketing. 

5. SEO helps to move you ahead of the competition

SEO is widely marked as a staple of any marketing strategy these days. In fact, over 60% of digital marketers believe that improving SEO can improve the online presence which should be everyone's top priority.

This means that your other competitors are likely to get involved in and establish high rankings in online search results. And with an SEO marketing strategy of your own, you can keep up with market trends and ideally, move ahead of your competitors in your industry. 

Pre Steps Of Setting Up The SEO: 

SEO is a process to increase our chances of winning thousands of visitors over time. People who cannot do SEO, use SEO companies in India for their SEO services. But it is much easier to do SEO when our website is properly set up for SEO. 

Below are the few simple steps through which it can be done easily. 


1. Get a Good Domain

your domain name should contain the name of your business. Few attributes of a good domain have no hyphens and are short and memorable. 


2. TLD 

TLD is an acronym for top-level domain. It is the segment after the name of your domain name such as .co, .in, .com, or .org. It is usually best to get a suitable TLD as per your business because it recognizes your brand and creates an image of a trusted website. 

For example, You run a charity or not for profit firm, then you may choose .org or your country equivalent like .in or .uk can work too. For other businesses, .com is the most suitable TLD for websites. 


3. Use a website platform 

A person from non technical background can not code their website in HTML and CSS language. That is why it is suggested to use a website platform for them. These are the segments of many software’s & tools that provide us with little or no coding skills to create our own website, can manage content with zero complexity and may also take care of boring technicalities. 

These hosted platforms do many things under one roof. They allow us to host our website, provide pre-made designs that we can install and also can edit with zero complexity. It lets us create and manage our content without having to touch the technical coding language. These platforms include WordPress and Wix Website Maker, Etc. In addition, these platforms also let us manage and produce content without any code. In the self host platform, we have to do and install them by ourselves. 


4. Choose a good website host 

Website hosts are responsible for storing our website on a hard drive that anyone on the internet can access with just an internet connection. 

There are a few things that can help to decide a good website host : 


A. Security

We must make sure that the host gives you a free SSL/TLS certificate and also supports Let's Encrypt which is a not for profit  organization for supplying free TLS certificates also. 


B. Server Location 

The web hosted data travels between the server and visitor, from thousands of miles away. Thus, it is best to choose a host with servers in the same county as most of your traffic as that will boost your website loading speed. 

C. Full support 

24/7 web support is ideal. You may check how good your chosen web host can support you by asking a few questions before you sign up. You can also take help of an SEO company in India for SEO services if you find anything complex enough to do on your own. 


5. Create a positive user experience 

A great user experience is the key to make your visitor come very often after their first visit. 

Here are a few simple techniques that can help your website to do it efficiently: 



Nothing feels worse than your visitor's personal data being shared with or susceptible to hackers. That is why we must always encrypt our website with SSL and TLS.


B. Choose a user friendly & appealing design

No one likes a website that looks like a crappy design with no touch of modernism. But there is no need to redesign your site every six months, but it must look visually appealing and reflect your brand also. 


C. Make your site mobile friendly

Even Google says that every three out of five online searches are now performed on mobile rather than desktop computers, so it is important that your website should be pleasant to use on a mobile phone as on a desktop.


D. Check out your font size

People generally use the web through all kinds of devices these days. You just make sure that your content is readable through a good choice of font size on every device.


E. Avoid pop-ups and ads if not necessary

As we know that everybody hates ads, but sometimes we might need them to be out on our website. If that is the case, we try to avoid intrusive ones then. There are also other alternatives as well which one can find over the web easily. 


F. Make sure your website loads fast

Web page loading speed is an assured ranking factor on desktop and mobile. Faster is better if we talk about web pages, because this factor avoids delivery of the slowest experience to users, which will eventually reduce the good user experience. 


How to do SEO: 

You must have got a decent knowledge base of SEO success. As the beginning now ends, we can talk about how we can do SEO now.  SEO is a process which can broadly be divided into four steps which are : 

✓ Keyword research

✓ On-page SEO

✓ Link building

✓ Other Tools For Help

Beginners can focus on the basics and then take a high-level view to let them understand why each step is so important and how everything can fit together.


1. Keyword research

The process of finding the top searches by our customers, how much traffic these searches and terms can send our way, with analyzing the difficulties it might get to rank for them. This process is known as keyword research. Let us explore the basics of each of these steps and see how we can take advantage of these SEO services.


A. Finding keywords

Knowing the kind of things our potential customers are searching for can be the first step for our keyword research process. Until you know this, there is no other way you may even begin to create these pages which will rank in every search engine as well as attract valuable traffic also.

Brainstorming for phrases and Keywords that may define our industry could be the best way to start the process of finding keywords. Let's assume that you own a computer shop online. So, For an online computer store computer, PC, Mac, Laptop, latest computer can be the best keyword which your potential clients will be using while searching their needs online. 


B. Check traffic potential

Every keyword research tool can show an estimated search volume on a monthly basis for every keyword you choose. Checking the search volume is a practical way to get an estimate of relative traffic potential of these keywords. In simple words, web pages which are targeting high-volume keywords can drive more traffic to our website than other pages which are targeting many low-volume keywords.

Though keyword search volume is not a foolproof plan of SEO services as there are instances where No.1 ranked keyword with 1,000 monthly searches drives more traffic than other No.1 ranked keyword with 2,000 searches in the same month.


2. On-page SEO

Process of On-page SEO means creating the kind of content which our users are searching for.  Optimization of these on page SEOs help search engines to find us in a better way and know what our website is all about. Many people believe this is all about keyword placements. That's not true because there are other aspects as well. Writing blogs, posts and putting Keywords in the website description are among few ways to increase on page SEO optimization. 

Below are the few points through which we can explore the basics of page Optimization to rank in the search engines.

A.  Match search intent

As we know that Google understands better than anyone about what online users are searching for and the best way to judge search intent is by looking for the common factors among the top-ranking pages at present and your target audience's keywords.

For example, the search engine results for ' health tips' are all about health blog posts, intended for learning. But the search results for “health supplements” are all category pages from ecommerce sites selling their product. 

This signifies that people who are searching for “health supplements'' are in purchasing mode and people searching for “health tips” are in learning mode. If we want to rank online, we must keep this thing in mind and create the kind of content that aligns with the search intent of our users. 


B. Optimize images

Another way to optimize our web page is through the images on our website. They appear on Google Images and have great potential to send traffic on our website. We can have thousands of visits only from Google Images if our images are optimized in a suitable way. 


3. Link Building

Web Links of other websites on our page act like ‘votes’ and show Google that users are demanding for our content. Inarguably, they are the most important ranking factor but getting good ones is not an easy thing to do.

These SEO services benefit our website the most. One can take help from a professional or any Digital marketing company in Lucknow to assist in this.  .


4. Free SEO Tools 

✓ Keyword research tools

✓ Google Keyword Planner

✓ Keyword Generator

✓ SERP Checker

You may check the estimated search traffic and user potential on your industry topic based on the top results by using above tools. You can check keyword difficulty through the free tool Keyword Difficulty Checker to know the performing scores of chosen keywords. 

✓ On-page SEO tools

✓ Yoast SEO

✓ Webmaster by ahrefs 

You can add title tags and meta descriptions on your WordPress pages, and also can find the missing title tags and alt text anywhere on the website through the above on page SEO tools.

✓ Link Building tools

✓ Backlink Checker


✓ Gmail

You may see top 100 backlinks for any web page through Backlink Checker and get an opportunity to grow your page on a daily basis. With the help of Gmail, you can send outreach emails to link prospects for better online reach. We must take advantage of SEO services and any SEO company in India if you are not getting enough time to do these things on your own. 

Tracking The Results 

Once you are done with following the pre and during steps of SEO optimization, you are ready to perform the tracking and measuring the result part. There are several other tools on the website builder and separate platforms as well which can help you to check whether your keywords are working the way you have expected or not. When you keep measuring them in real time, you can make changes and experiment as per the current responses from the users. Though SEO services take time to make their effects visible to you, we must keep patience and try experimenting with the latest Keyword for better results. 

Everything mentioned above may have served you as a pretty thorough introduction to the basics of SEO. If you are still looking to learn more about the SEO services, you may learn more. To get better results, you can also consider hiring an SEO company in India like Barrownz Group for your business growth.