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Pay Per Click Marketing Company

We, Barrownzers, are a team of dedicated creative experts. Our PPC experts have known names in the industry and are known for their result-driven strategies. Being a renowned PPC company in India, we understand the gravity of the opportunity earned post-bidding. Hence, we choose our plan prudently. With the help of keyword management, we successfully divert positive clicks to your ads.

We have helped several budding businesses to bloom with success. Our unprecedented approach and understanding of diversely different companies empower us to strengthen you. With PPC being one of the most self-potential tools, we use it to be the reason behind ROI for your business. Undoubtedly, we will aid you with top-notch PPC services in India. So, if you are tired of baseless lures of astounding promises, then it's time to get real. At Barrownz, you can monitor growth in real-time. It's time to change!

Our PPC Services in India

Get relevant traffic to your website on the search keywords close to your business with our PPC services in India. We have uplifted numerous small businesses in India and across the world. We are considerate not only about the keywords we are targeting but also about the negative keywords in our plan. Each PPC service is chosen wisely before implementation. Display ads, search ads, discovery ads, and shopping ads, we don't miss any relevant service that can bring in the growth of your business. Almost 46% of total clicks are under the name of the top 3 paid advertising positions, and we ensure that one of them is you. Here is a Detail Sneak Peek of Our PPC services in India:

Display Ads:

We focus on a display ad that speaks only the necessary details like the product and services, details of the business owner (contact info and website link), and any specific offer.

Search ads:

We target both keywords. The ones in which we place ads and the negative ones we don't want to be clicked for. This helps in managing the budget and brings in the relevant traffic.

Discovery Ads:

We place carousel ads with multiple products in a way that should catch the eye of the visitors. One of the most immersive and interactive ads to bring traffic to your business.

E-Commerce Ads:

We dwell your E-commerce ads on every social media platform and other websites. We focus on displaying ads for a product that are best sellers and relevant to recent research.

Shopping Ads:

We created a well-researched shopping campaign for your product in Google Merchant Centre in Google ads. We created an ad by keeping your competitor's query in mind.

Remarketing ads:

We put in related information that is persuasive enough to make the remarketing ad successful. In addition, we highlight unique features of the product in this ad copy to lure the leads.

Our PPC Marketing Approach

We analyze, create a PPC marketing strategy and then promote the brand.

  • 01
    Research and Define Goal
  • 02
    Planning and Strategy
  • 03
    Execution and Promotion
  • 04
    Monitor and Optimize
Have an Idea
Have an Idea?

Convert your idea into a profitable business.

How do We Work

Keyword Suggestion:

We attentively work on keywords. Then, post rigorous research, we pick the cream keywords for the bidding. Also, we make sure to mention negative keywords to avoid false engagement.

Audit & Strategy:

We audit to understand your business and know it better. We then plan a strategy that best suits your business and its growth. Each step is taken post analyzing numerous times for the best outcome.

Ads Copywriting:

Our copywriters deliver on-point ads capable of targeting a specific audience with specialized products. The advertisements that we prepare are engaging and innovative enough to bring traffic.

Bid Management:

What makes us the best PPC company in Lucknow is our PPC experts. They have a very calculative approach to the bidding amount. So they every time manage to get an accurate bid for the auction.

Ads Creations:

Our next step is ad creation. Our experts create engaging, innovative, and creative ads that can establish the connection between your brand and your audience.

Conversion Set-up:

After determining all the website's conversion points, we set conversion goals for each. The conversion goals are charged with the motive of maximum lead conversion.

Landing page optimization:

We optimize your landing page. This helps in smooth conversion. We consider this to be atop for conversion among the plethora of strategies.

Tracking and Reporting:

We track the growth of the website post implementing the strategies as planned. We report to you each moment we track so that you can have an idea about it.

Improving ROI:

There is no doubt about the strategies being fruitfully implemented by us. As a result, you experience an increased rate of Return on Investment.

Industries We Serve

We provide PPC marketing services in India for following industries.

Why Choose Us


Here are some reasons that you should pick us

  • The dedicated and creative team
  • Affordability and Quality
  • Audit and Improvisation in Strategy Implementation
  • Excellent and accurate Bid Management
  • Crips and concise Copywriting Ads
  • On-Point LPO
  • Compelling ads for all social media
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Transparency and tracking progress

Our Pricing

  • Starting from
$130 / mo

  • Starting from
$250 / mo

  • Starting from
$480 / mo

  • Starting from
$590 / mo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC is a paid form of advertisement. The procedure goes by like every time a visitor clicks the ad; the advertiser has to pay a fee. One of the most favorite paid techniques is loved by PPC company in Lucknow. The best part of this paid service is you only have to pay once your visitor clicks on the ad.

How does PPC Advertising Work?

Pay-per-click marketing is fundamentally based on keywords. This is why companies rely on this model and conduct proper research on their keywords. While searching for your keywords, don't forget to mention your negative ones. It will help your ad avoid Presence on irrelevant pages and searches.

Here is how it works:

- Once your ad is done, set the maximum cost you can pay.

- Post the ad preparation, and it goes for auction where other advertisers are also bidding for the same keywords.

- This auction will determine the process of visibility of the ads.

- Pay once you have someone clicked on the ad.

What are the Benefits of PPC Marketing?

There are numerous benefits of PPC services. Here are some of them mentioned below:

Boost Traffic:

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the paid advertisements that allows your website to be present on the first page of the search engine. This Presence helps to enhance the visibility of the website.

Increased Sales:

PPC focuses on the potential and target audiences and tries to close the deal. As traffic increases, the chances of lead conversion increase, and the sales increase gradually.


Unlike other paid advertisements, you have a legit payment procedure. Once the ad is clicked, or we can say once you get the traffic, you have to pay. That means paying once the work is done.

Easy to use with best outcomes:

It is no rocket science to use PPC services in India. Still, in a dilemma, you can hire a PPC company any day in Lucknow. These companies are decked-up with specialist planners who know what should be the bidding, what are negative keywords and how you can get the best with the least investment.

These are some of the benefits of PPC. Once you learn to use the channel appropriately, you will experience the best result with minimum investment.

Is PPC Marketing Essential for your Business?

It is essential if you want to make your business successful and your website by constantly visiting customers. It helps your brand have a space on the first page of the search engine. Once you are visible on a search engine's first page, the chance of visiting more people on your website.

This traffic provides you with a fair opportunity to turn the leads into your customers. PPC is a controlled paid advertisement. You pay when the action happens.

Some of the benefits are:

- Affordable

- Enhanced visibility

- More sales

- Advertises only to niche audiences

- Measure the result or outcome in Realtime.

How PPC Agency in Lucknow Helps to Grow your business?

PPC is a game of perfect bidding and keywords. Choosing and planning the best way is essential as it can cost unnecessary paying for irrelevant clicks. So, it is essential to have experts on board.

Here are some benefits of hiring a PPC company in India

The perfect keyword research for both, the one you will bid on and the negative keyword.

- Perfect bidding so that you can get the best position

- Creating a dedicated strategy

- Re-targeting campaigns

- Optimizing landing page

- Set the perfect objectives

- Data-driven approach

- Expanded text Ads

- Display Networks

- Search Network

- Device targeting

- Ad Scheduling

- Sitelink Extension

- Consumer rating annotation

These are some benefits of hiring an expert for your PPC Management.

What does a PPC Company in India Do?

A PPC agency in India in India helps your business to escalate by enhancing the reach of the brand and your goods and services.

Here is what a PPC Company does:


Thorough research to find the relevant keywords and negative keywords. Along with that, several other types of research are conducted to analyze the best strategy for the business.

Running ads:

They run ads on platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing and many others.

Competitor Analysis:

They analyze your competitors and their strategies, especially if they deliver the result. Then a counter-strategy is created to put your a-game up and get a better outcome.

Save your money:

They know very well how much to bid and for what. When you don't get irrelevant clicks, it saves your money.

Peace of mind:

Leaving all stress to them, you can relax and enjoy the growth of your business.

These are the things that PPC companies do for your business.

How do I choose a PPC Company in India?

There are numerous PPC agencies around you, but choosing the best PPC company in Lucknow can be a real challenge. Here are some parameters you can examine to choose the perfect one for your business.

Here are some parameters that help you to find the perfect agency:


By checking experience, you have an idea that the agency knows what to do and how to do it. You can go through the customers' feedback to check the quality of their work.

Approach and strategy:

While talking to them, focus on their approach. You will get to know if they have a long-term approach or a shorter while.


Go through the Campaign that they worked on and their success rate. Also, check how versatile are they with their Campaign.

Case study:

Go through their case study, and everything will be clear.

These are a few ways that you can use to choose the best PPC company in Lucknow.

What Kind of Services are Offered by a PPC Agency in India?

The PPC services in Lucknow offered by agencies are mentioned below:

Search Ads:

PPC ads are usually paid search ads. You can use this ad type while experimenting with PPC. This section uses an auction system. Auction decides the order of the ads that will appear on SERP. There is no such strict appearance pattern as they appear both above and below non-paid ads for organic listings.

Display Ads:

Display ads are a bit different from search ads. You have a chance to appear in front of potential customers while they are searching for similar products and services to you. Usually, these ads appear in front of those customers who indicate their interest in your products n services.

Videos ads:

Around 85% of business users use this pay-per-click marketing. Platforms like YouTube are prominent sources to place such video ads. Also, why won't they be a trendsetter, as 84% of customer traffic comes from these video ads?


The best way to generate traffic and enhance customers. Once visited your website and showed some interests are re-approached for conversion. It helps remind them that they have an interest and can own it.

Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads are the possible services. It contains the photo and price of the product and compels the visitor to go through it. Shopping ads do almost 75% of conversion.

Paid Social Medias:

These are the sponsored ads judicially placed on social media. They are equally potential as shopping ads to bring in conversion. The Presence of people on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram etc., benefits the service to the maximum.

Amazon Advertising:

If you are using an eCommerce website of Amazon, it might become very difficult to get featured in front of people. Hence, Amazon offers paid advertisement that helps your business rank on the website's first search page. It is quite similar to search ads.

These are some of the services that are used to upthrust your business with the help of PPC. If you are having issues managing all these alone, the best PPC company in Lucknow are there to help you.

Why Choose Barrownz as Your PPC Company in India?

There are uncountable PPC companies in Lucknow, and when we talk about India, it's hard even to know the best one. Everyone claims to be the best one, but are they? And if they are, how do we know? Choosing a perfect company is tough and equally essential because you spend your hard-earned money to grow your dream.

Here are some parameters that you can test a company before you pick:

- Campagne used for PPC

- Feedback from the customers

- Affordability

- Experience in the field

- Data Analysis

If you find a company on point on these parameters, you can go with it. Barrow Group is the company where you will not only find these qualities but several others.

Expert Team:

We have a team of experts who know their job roles very well and perform to deliver the best outcome.


We are committed to our work and the process of delivering the work on time every time. This is the quality that makes us the favorite of our clients.


We don't just jump onto any planning or strategy making. Thorough research is conducted so that you can get on-point results.


Monitor your growth alongside. We love to maintain transparency as we know that it is peace of mind for you.

Monitoring and Optimization:

Monitoring is a continuous process. We monitor and optimize your website accordingly. This helps your business to maintain static growth.

These are some other qualities that you can find while working with us. We don't just do business. We earn our clients. For us, customer satisfaction is our actual reward. So, revive your business and customer retention with our team of experts and new customer additions.

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