Improve and Optimize Your Local SEO Service Reporting with These Proven Techniques

SEO reporting is often not considered as useful as it should be. The reason behind this ignorance is the lack of proper guidance. Let's understand the concept of SEO reporting. 

SEO reporting is getting an overall view of metrics reflecting business growth, performance in the search engine, the strength of the backlink portfolio and the website's health. A good and competent digital marketing company in India always recommends SEO reporting to make it a mandatory part of the strategy. 

Now that we have known about it, many of you may have thought, "Ah... I do that, but no great result as such”. Yes, it can happen because you need to work hard to make things work. You need to improvise. Here in this blog, you will discover tips that will help you improve your local SEO Reporting. 

Pro tips to improve your SEO Reporting

Simplify Reports

“Employing abstruse modus operandi can procreate interlaced longitudes”.  


No right! “Using complicated techniques can cause complex situations” is much better to understand. So both these sentences delivered the same thing, but the latter one was easy to understand. This is why you should keep your reporting simple. It will help to analyze the progress easily. 


Choose The Right Metrics

Usually, it has been observed that people considered basic metrics that are: 
•    Traffic  
•    Conversion 

That, unfortunately, is not the end of the story. So, if you want a good local SEO services report, you must choose the appropriate metrics for your business. Here are some vital metrics from google analytics:
•    Top Landing Page 
•    Location by city 
•    Overall sessions 
•    Top traffic channels by session 
•    Traffic sources/Medium 
•    New vs. Customers Retention 
With the help of these metrics, you can explain the most successful campaign to the clients.


Segment Keywords by Location

As we delve more into local SEO services, we'll need to ensure that our reports are properly designed to provide information on local keyword data. You will need a sophisticated keyword tool for this area, such as Semrush, Moz, or Ahrefs. 

This example utilized Semrush to set up a new project and integrate position monitoring on my most important keywords. 

Configuration position tracking for searches, especially in the Houston metropolitan region, can be seen in the screenshot below. I may then upload keywords for reporting I'm monitoring via Semrush or Google Analytics.


Segment Traffic by Device

Filtering data by the device is also essential for tracking local SEO services initiatives. Because of this, it is preferred to break down the traffic in my reports by device and, even more specifically, by location and device. 

Considering click-to-calls and mobile ordering, which are frequently done on a smartphone or other mobile device, mobile search traffic may be more significant for local SEO than desktop traffic. 


Track Local SERP Results

Utilizing tools such as the Local Search Pack and Google Business Profile is another significant distinction between how Google conducts local searches.

Many local companies find that their Google Business Profile listings are a much better source of foot traffic and conversions than their real websites. 

You must register for a connection to track Google Business Profile data using any standard reporting tool. 

However, many keyword tools, including Semrush, provide comprehensive keyword data regarding local search results, including highlighted snippets and the local pack of results. One of the most common strategies used by SEO Company in India.


Go Beyond Standard SEO Tools And Metrics

Beyond the local pack, we can include several incredibly useful extra KPIs (key performance indicators) in our local SEO reports. 

Consider including the following KPIs, for instance, in your upcoming local SEO report:  
•    Reviews. 
•    Brand references without a link. 
•    Backlinks (if applicable to your marketing) (if relevant to your campaign). 
•    Interaction on social media. 

You might need to upgrade your Semrush account or buy a social listening product to track social media mentions and interactions.

To supplement your statistics, you may also conduct manual research to track changes in review ratings, unrelated brand mentions, or social media optimization services in india interaction on popular postings.

Provide Actionable Information

Finally, we want to round out our reports by including a piece at the conclusion summarizing campaign outcomes and planned actions based on the data you've provided. 

Using the supplied data, this part will assist you in completing your tale and aid clients in understanding the information you gave. 

Also, it's crucial to have a space for recommendations because many campaigns are inhibited by limited resources or hesitant customers who don't want to go through the hassle of changing their website.

So, if your campaign is stalled because a local business refuses to update its website or make recommended improvements, remind them respectfully at the end of your report and explain the benefits of your recommendations.  

These are some of the tips that will help you to improvise your SEO reporting. Good SEO reporting helps to create a bond between your client and you. It will generate loyalty for your brand. The only way you can achieve these adjectives is either to conduct the SEO reporting properly or hire a professional who can handle your SEO reporting.

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