Best Free And Paid PPC Tools Which Can Be Used For Best ROI.

When we execute and manage a pay per click ad over the internet it is known as PPC service. PPC services often involve marketing strategies and bidding for putting ads  while also focusing to minimize the overall cost. This can easily be done through business owners but choosing a specialist PPC agency in India that will manage the PPC campaign on your behalf, could be your best decision. 

Pay per click marketing can be referred to as an evolving art of digital marketing in Lucknow, and across the world, where campaign optimization is the focus point for business growth. 


Benefits of pay per click ads 

PPC marketing can help every business to achieve greater visibility over the web by giving a wide number of viewers and accomplishing all their marketing goals. These goals could be high-level brand exposure, establishing leadership, generating hot lead submission or even ecommerce sales. PPC can establish the middle ground for creating and managing the marketing funnel through downloads, newsletter signups, contest entries, and pushing for website visits and app downloads, etc. 

Being able to measure and track is the major benefit of PPC advertising. The Statistics shows how the campaign is going to perform and tells the kind of traffic and results it will drive in the given budget. 

PPC gives freedom to decide how much you are going to spend your money as you can decide your own budget. One can scale it up immediately if the results come positive. And if you want to take a break, you can pause the campaign that will stop your ad spendings immediately.

PPC Advertising offers many different layers of marketing tools that not only targets the specific searched keywords, but also sets specific parameters as per the geographic location, user's interest, times and dates in which your ads need to get active. It also helps in retargeting in dynamic ways which can monitor all your visitors on the web page to show them your specific advertisement. Pay per click can also generate excess traffic on your website that can expand your online visibility over the internet.  Moreover, it can also help to establish your brand as an industry leader. 

Who can take advantage of PPC? 

While some companies believe that hiring a PPC company or PPC agency in India takes a lot of money, that is not true. By hiring a PPC company or an expert to increase efficiency, their business will benefit in the long run. 


There are different category of people who may hire a PPC Agency in India which includes:

Anyone who is new to online advertising.

The businesses that don't own in-house teams and also those small brands which don't have enough manpower to do it.

What to look for in your PPC tool? 

If you want to run a profitable Pay per click advertising campaigns across various search engines such as Bing, Google, and Amazon,

you may consider different aspects which are stated below : 

- Campaign management and optimization to set up and manage the campaign, plus automate a lot of the ongoing bid management and account optimization.

- Keyword and competitor research to identify which keywords will drive high-converting traffic.

- Ad creation:  text, image, shopping, and video – so you can identify which ad copy will help win the click.

- Creation of landing page as well as performing the tests to find out which of your landing page layouts are giving the highest conversion rates.

- Campaign monitoring and reporting ability to track the right KPIs, find out weaknesses, and opportunities to boost Return of Investment, across multiple accounts and channels. All these works are really important for business, either you can do it by yourself or through a PPC agency in India. 

Best PPC tools 


For campaign Management 


1. Google Ads Editor 

Google Ads Editor is a free, downloadable app that lets you work offline and make changes quickly and easily, so a PPC agency in India finds it more productive and efficient when managing their campaigns.

You can also download your PPC campaigns to keep working on it even when you go offline. You can leverage bulk editing tools to quickly make changes to all of your accounts all at once. Reviewing your edits in draft before executing them across your campaigns is easier through this tool. You can export and import files to let your colleagues review and do the needful changes. Moreover, Tracking essential campaign metrics such as position, cost, click-through rate and conversion information is very user-friendly through this PPC tool. 

2. Data Feed Watch 

DataFeedWatch optimizes your data feeds and campaign performance on more than thousands of global shopping channels and marketplaces. Anyone can easily create, enhance, and share their product catalogue from a single platform.

You can sell your products on over thousands of shopping channels, marketplaces, and through selected affiliate networks. It is also easier to update product feeds without any manual settings as well as it makes it easier to send them to your advertisement channels on a daily basis.  A PPC agency in India can make their client's ad campaigns more effective with its user friendly feeds. For an instance, you can adjust your bids as per your profit margin. You can also examine your ad feed for problems like incorrect data in one place and it also helps avoid the back-and-forth with the e-commerce channels.

Keyword Research Tools 


3. Moat 

Moat is a handy tool for gathering Google Ad creative insights and inspiration. We just need to enter the details of a competitor name and we will see all their ads in one place. 

Now search, track and compare various ad campaigns to understand how your strategy can become better than your competitors. We can also check the image dimensions and run dates of each each active advertisements. Viewing the advertisement creatives and discovering the brand messages by your competitors is hassle-free. It leverages more than three years of data to let you understand industry market trends. Additionally, any SEO Company in Lucknow, can filter and sort the data out to gain the correct insights that are most relevant to their client's business, through this PPC tool. 

4. Adbeat 

Take your display ad insights to another level. While tools like Semrush give great competitor creative insights on Google, Adbeat takes it a step further with display insights across more than 90 networks.

You can get the data of a competitor and can see immediately on what networks and which kind of ads they are currently running everywhere. This PPC tool helps to reveal successful traffic sources that are already working great for your different competitors. Finding out which ad networks are sending the most beneficial traffic is so much easier with this tool. We can use it before investing in any ad. In addition, a PPC agency in India monitors and analyzes their ad creatives and compares them with their competitors, which seems full of hassle now. 


PPC Ad Creation Tools: 


5. Snappa 

Snappa makes it easy to create any type of online graphic, including display ads, social media, blogs, and more. It includes a massive library of pre-made layouts for all popular and useful social media networks. This tool saves your hours every week.

There are 1000+ professional-looking pre-created layouts to let you earn more attention, conversions, and consumers.  Any PPC agency in India can easily start their design with excellent image dimensions which are suitable for blogs, display ads, emails, social media and infographics, etc. 

While using this tool, you get access to a library of more than 5 million free, high-resolution, copyright free images and graphics.  Just choose from 200+ fonts and over 100,000 shapes and vectors, and keep adjusting your photo effects till your graphic doesn't look perfect.

6. Lumen 5 

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to create professional videos in minutes. Practically, you can create videos of any type and for any platform. You can create interactive videos for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, slideshows, ecommerce websites, education purpose videos, promo and infographic videos, etc. Just create premium-quality video ads and grab the attention in no time. 

It is also easy to create slideshows as well as promo videos to tell the story of your brand. Any PPC agency in India can integrate media files from the library of millions of photos, clips, video and audio files. Just customize with voice-overs as well as choose brand presets from thousands of colors, themes, fonts, and much more.

To create landing pages: 


7. Unbounce

Unbounce allows you to create high-converting landing pages in minutes without any coding. Setting up and tracking A/B tests for continuous optimization of your landing  pages is a bread and butter job with this tool. 

You can get started on any campaign using one of the 100+ customizable, conversion-focused templates and also create responsive, conversion-focused landing pages with the  drag-and-drop  feature for page   builder.

When a PPC agency in India chooses from 850,000+ professional, copyright-free images to enhance their clients' Landing page, the conversions rate to the top. It is also easier to swap out pieces of texts in a dynamic manner to match the keywords that a visitor is using  to get on your web page. Additionally, take advantage of cloning and editing the whole landing pages that have been successful previously. We can also run A/B split tests to find out how various landing pages are resonating with the website visitors.

8. Instapage 

Instapage is one of the best PPC tools that is made to create landing pages which can give access to personalize, and optimize post-click landing pages as well. It offers a total of six products with 100+ built in features to help you increase your conversion rates. Even a non-technical person can build a relevant and mobile-responsive landing page. If you do not have enough time, then you can think of associating with a PPC agency in India.

They can choose from more than 500 customizable presets created and tested to increase conversion rates. Boosting the engagements of visitors and increasing the conversions rates with unique landing page experiences becomes easier with this excellent tool. Also, optimize your campaign landing page for higher conversion rates  while having a detailed   heat map, various testing’s, and robust analytics, etc. It is very easy to visualize the campaigns for a PPC agency in India and connect your ads to relevant post-click landing pages, also seem very effortless. 

PPC Reporting Tools 

9. Google Data Studio 

Google Data Studio is a free PPC tool that helps you to build ad reports with Google Ads connector. Additionally, there is a feature for developers to create their own connectors as well. You can easily fetch out the data from different sources that includes first-party connectors such as Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics and Google Ads; and also third-party connectors like SEMrush. 

A digital div can fetch out data from multiple sources and combine it into one report. Filtering of data based on locations, channels and devices is very easy through this tool.  A ppc agency in india can automate reports with custom date ranges and create different data visualizations using the quick-start layouts. 

10. Super metrics 

Super metrics is one of the best and most straight-forward tools to move your advertising data from different platforms such as Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to your reporting platforms like Data Studio and Google Sheets. Additionally, we can connect with various data sources that are very tough to connect. 

We can create customized reports for our clients too without even spending much money every month with the help of this reporting tool. Building reports and bringing data on the Google Sheets and Excel become a bread butter job. You can make custom charts and different graphs by using the premade layouts. 

Complementary Tool 


PPC Protect 

PPC Protect is the most effective fraud detection software for your PPC campaigns. The feature of complete protection helps a PPC agency in India to minimize the campaign budget as it blocks potential robots from clicking your ads.

It protects you by blocking click farms, bots, scrapers, click farms, and dodgy apps and helps to preserve conversion rates to every PPC agency in India. Thus, helps to reduce wasting of money on your PPC ad. You can make meaningful data-driven decisions with a clean and transparent dataset. Detection and filtration of bad traffic in real-time is one of its best features. 


A tool like Data feed watch is extremely valuable when analyzing keywords, researching competitors, scrutinizing ad copy, and examining landing pages, whereas a tool like google ad editor helps manage your overall PPC campaign.

Other tools like instapage, super metrics and PPC Protect are here to save your money and time both, So that a PPC agency in India can run their PPC campaigns more effectively. There are different software and tools which we have listed above, that can quickly create and test high-converting landing pages for you. 

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