Must-Have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome to Boost Website Rankings

SEO needs no introduction now, at least a few days. If you have a business, it has to be networked and wired globally. It helps you to enhance your reach to the target niche. Though it is now not an impassable job to find the best SEO services in India, you need to figure out what works for you. SEO extension is one of the most common tools you can easily use to escalate your SEO strategy implementation. These extensions are the multi-tools solution for SEO. It helps to check On-Page SEO data, highlight outgoing links, and check pages for broken links.

Now the plighted situation here is which one to choose? Here we are to help you with some suggestions. We have a list of tried and trusted SEO extensions to help your SEO strategies become agile. 

Here are must-have extensions, especially for your Google chrome

SEOquake with SEMRush

It is a free plug-in for your browser that aids you with organic search data at the click of a button. The extension is a friendly browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. It has endless possibilities of all the information that you can uncover. It gives you all valuable information like page diagnosis and SERP analysis etc.

One highly recommended SEO extension for Google Chrome is ‘SEOquake.’ SEOquake is a powerful extension that provides comprehensive data and insights for SEO analysis. Adding the seoquake Google Chrome extension to your browser allows you to access valuable information such as organic search data, keyword analysis, internal/external link analysis, social metrics, and more. With the SEO quake for Google Chrome extension, you can easily view important SEO metrics while browsing the web, saving you time and effort. If you're looking for SEOquake for Android, please note that it is primarily designed for desktop browsers.





This extension helps you to be a step ahead. How? What's the most important thing you need to do before you start knitting your strategy? Research of Course, and? It is a competitor's analysis. Ubersuggest helps you acknowledge your competitor’s strategy and all those things that are working for them, like keyword research. Ubersuggets also suggest to you trending topics that you can choose for your blog post. It also helps you to add backlinks.  

Moz Bar

Most of the extensions suggested by the best digital marketing company in India are Moz Bar. It helps you to get link metrics effortlessly and conduct SEO on the go. Moz Bar helps you to conduct in-depth page analysis of any website. It helps fetch data about internal links, external links and followed and no-followed links on the webpage. Also, suggestions related to on-page optimization are integrated into the extension itself.  


META SEO Inspector extension

One of the most used extensions is SEO inspector. It helps you to check on key SEO elements, and they aid you with alarming for problem areas. It also helps you find Meta tags and ensure that your content is known to the search engine.  

SEO Minion

SEO minions are one of the most trusted extensions that helps you to get your SEO on-point. It helps you to make SERP previews in the search results. It has a very useful feature that highlights every link on the page, colour codes each, and helps you identify the broken link quickly. It helps in analyzing On-Page header Tags and word count.  

Keyword surfer

As the name suggests, keyword surfer helps you acknowledge the appropriate keyword. It helps you to find out the search volume for a specific term and the cost per click over time in a specific region. Once you are aware of the keywords, it helps you prioritize the blog topic.

Keywords Everywhere

One of the most user-friendly keyword assistance extensions. It helps you find the keywords around the content and helps you understand the search volume of the keywords there. You can improve by using the keywords according to the search volume.  

SERPTrends SEO extension

The extension helps you to get all the information. The best part of the extension is that it’s free and is adaptable for search engines. It helps you show the search engine dynamics for the page. By this you can get to know what works for you to escalate your presence online.  

Link Redirect Trace

This extension helps you to check if your redirects are SEO-friendly or not. It also warns you if they are harmful to your website. These redirects are essential for your website as they give your users a better experience and solve problems by seamlessly sending the visitor to a new content location.  

These are a few extensions that you need to add to your chrome to get the best SEO results. Though hiring the best SEO agency in India can help you increase your SEO performance, you can use this extension to help your SEO manage yourself.  Most of these extension are free and some might have some charges. 

SEO is all about boosting your business online. These extensions ease the work a lot more than we expect. There are professional helps too out there that you can hire for the best results. These are some of the extensions you can choose from, and several others. A little research will help you understand the nature of your SEO, and you can choose what suits you the best.  Hope this was helpful for you. 

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