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We are all aware of the power Social Media holds today, it can take a business from zero to skyrocketing sales with just one video clip if it goes viral. But the true potential of an excellent social media content strategies is uncharted, you never know how much it can influence all parts of your business - from PR to Community to Brand Image and more.

There are many businesses that start solely from Social Media channels these days and then scale from there. No matter the industry, every business today needs a good social media content strategy to connect with its audience, bring in new leads, and build a clientele.



What is a Social Media Content Strategy and why do you need one?

In simple terms, a social media content strategy serves as a guide for determining what your company shares on various social platforms. Any digital marketing expert will emphasize that this strategy needs to be tailored to suit each platform. The reason behind this is that the types of posts that resonate well with audiences vary across different social channels. For instance, visually engaging content like reels and TikTok videos gains traction on Instagram and YouTube, but on professional platforms like LinkedIn, a well-crafted written post tends to perform better.

Implementing a social media content strategy empowers you to utilize diverse post formats, ensuring optimal engagement from your target audience. The primary objective of such a strategy is to precisely identify, target, and connect with your brand's intended demographic. This, in turn, fosters increased brand awareness, the acquisition of new leads, and the establishment of a devoted community.

The best performing Social Media Content Strategies:

Now that you know a little bit about important metrics of digital marketing and its potency, you’re probably wondering how you can create the best-performing one for your company. The answer is you can’t. Don’t be disheartened because the truth of the matter is there is no one size fits all and there is no ‘The’ best-performing social media and content marketing.

Just like your brand and organization is different from other ones, including within your industry, your social media content plan needs to be just as unique as well. So, at the end of the day, you would need to create a social media strategy from scratch that is authentic, true to your brand’s values, and optimized to get the maximum engagement possible from your target audience. Read below to understand how you can craft a high-performing social media content plan for your brand.


How to craft the best performing Social Media Content Strategy (400) 5 sub-points

To create a high-performing social media content strategies, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Set SMART Goals: Setting goals for your social media content strategy is the only way to measure its effectiveness and ROI. Remember to make these goals as specific as possible, Measurable i.e. tracing the progress of the goals, Attainable so that the goals are realistic yet motivating, Relevant to your business and overall goals, and Time-bound to maintain focus, so have S.M.A.R.T. goals laid down before starting with your social media content strategy as they would form the KPI for it.


  • Know thy Audience: Any successful business would be easily able to tell you who they are selling to. This mantra applies to creating social media content strategies as well. The more you know your audience, the more targeted content you can create. The secret to sky-rocket your engagement through all social media channels is simply by creating content that is relevant to your target which is possible only by knowing them better. It is also important to post at times when your audience is most active on social media. You can easily access this data by going through ‘insights’ on your social media pages.


  • Select the right platform: As mentioned previously, all social media function differently from each other and it is best to choose those ones where your target audience is more likely to be. As any SEO company in Lucknow, or anywhere else in the world would tell you, it is best to focus your efforts on things that can bring you maximum results. The same is the case with differences between social media platforms. Simply identify the platform/s where your target audience is most active and then create content that is suited to perform well on these platforms.


  • Create a Content Calendar: Once you’ve set up parameters and gathered all the necessary data, it is time to then create a content calendar. Content creation is a team effort and a dedicated calendar allows people to collaborate effortlessly while also keeping the necessary focus on the social media content strategy. It would help if you remembered: that consistency is the key to winning social media.



Now you have all the know-how of creating a high-engagement and well-performing social media content strategy. It is important to remember that when first starting out, it can take time for results to appear simply because social media is a game of algorithms the rules of which keep changing overnight. Trial and error are a normal part of creating effective social media content marketing and should be embraced as such. We hope this blog can be a guiding point for creating your social media content strategy.

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