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Why Mobile Development become the root part? The answer is that it contain all the important information on the pocket. So Barrownz not only prepare the applications for the mobile phone but we prepare the digital assistant for your mobile phone. In today's generation, the mobile phone becomes the basic need of every person and it acts like a small computer. Barrownz-mobile development company provides all the mobile development applications such as for the security purpose, entertainment purpose and other important software regarding this new generation. We develop mobile software in the various platform and focus to satisfy the needs of the user. Why we are one of the best mobile development company? Because we work on following platform.

Mobile Development platform

Front-end development tools.

Back-end servers.

Security add-on layers.

Mobile application testing.

1. Front-end development -

We work on developing the mobile app with reference to clients and focus on the front-end developing.

  • We provide service regarding user –interface design.
  • Service regarding accessing the features with SDKs tools kit.
  • Service regarding cross-platform.
  • Mobile application testing.

2. Back-end Server-

We provides service regarding support of back-end side of mobile software. Barrownz gives importance to back-end server equally to front-end.

  • We provide services regarding the integration of back-end system.
  • We support user authentication service to maintain the security level for various purpose.
  • Provide solution to data maintainability.
  • Most important we focus on the business solution.
Mobile App Development
3. Security layers-

As Barrwonz-mobile development company we take the security of your organization is the root cause. Security provides you full hand safety from unauthorized person. We always satisfy our customer with important security tools.

  • We provide solutions for securing the application.
  • Encryption is important these days because various key available to break your security. We provide encryption of data.
  • End to end services regarding client action.
  • We build data in statistics form.
4. Mobile application testing-

Testing is important in all the aspects. It creates the feeling of security and belief in the client. We always focus to satisfy our customer with their define application and functionalities on Mobile Development.

  • Testing on google android emulator.
  • Provide testing android toolkit.
  • Testiphone
  • Blackberry simulation
  • Windows user interface automation.
  • Mobione Developer.