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Barrownz Group works across a SEO Services in multiple domain like Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, and Health Products to generate high impact analytics client solutions. We are working in new advance SEO (Search engine optimization) technology and multiple services like link building, content writing, keyword research and analysis. We are offering Web Development and SEO Company business needs taking new idea but in safe steps approach and methodology. Our expert and campaign manager advisory team help to our client to analysis data model, strategy planning and development which evaluate and align in top models companies. We work on depth analysis of website in respect of web development and SEO – Search Engine Optimizations. Barrownz Group have using Google Guidelines which most powerful thought that has impact on seed deep in your growing business model system, our company comprises of young and enthusiastic minds that are driven by a common goal of quality to the client. The team collaborates both formally and informally to render innovative ideas with Information Technology.

Some Technical Facts About SEO

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Article Submission
Directory Submission
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1. Content Writing Planning

How to engage user in your website through content or image? Content writing is play an important role in SEO. Content is foundation of SEO marketing success, it’s a very basic need to do SEO of your business website, content is first part which reflect on user’s eye contact. Content of every website should be informative and user friendly. Placement of keywords in between of content which associate with your keywords. Content determines the business social media and followers whose follow your website and product which make engage with your website. SEO needs good content writing. SEO Company should be careful to make unique content writing. Barrownz content writer is highly professional and experience to make best content writing for SEO Purpose.

Follow SEO Content Rule
  • SEO Content should be unique
  • SEO Content should be informative for technical and non-technical users.
  • SEO Content should be correct in grammatical format.
  • Keywords is placed in right place into SEO Content paragraph.
  • Proper HTML tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, P, li, ul, a) should be used in SEO Content.
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SEO Keyword Research

2. SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research is best part in SEO planning. SEO Company know how to research your business keyword, which is most effective to your website. Keywords for your product and services is most important part of your business. Every search engine work on Keywords, Users enter keyword on search bar address. Your keywords should be more authentic and familiar manner easy to pronounciate. It is very valuable and high return activities in search marketing sector. Ranking for right keywords analysis can make or break your website. Right keyword gives you clear idea as to where you want to your site in the future and how to shape your website content structure. Your right chosen of keyword target right audience in your website. Content is also depend on your keywords density. It is true keyword planning can be tedious and time consuming process but if you chose right keywords your business website easily to catch by Google’s crawlers which is more effective result.

How to Judge right keyword for your website?
  • Using Google Keyword tools
  • Using 3 and 4 phrase keywords
  • Keyword should easily to pronounciate
  • Don’t use keyword stuffing in your website
  • Keyword density should be 2% to 3%.
  • Check monthly search traffic and competition
  • Your title should match your target keyword.

3. Title and Description Analysis for SEO

It’s tough to find good and effective title for website. It can be struggle to find and chose the exact words to describe your business summary in short way to the World Wide Web. The title tag consist of the title of page. It always display on top left corner of your browser and it firstly read by Google Crawler. This is first and basic step of ON page optimizations. If your title have no meaning or didn’t any name of your web page then crawler is not recognized your web page. Description Tag of the website often it also display in search engine result. It’s snippet of text from your website content. Description Tag This decision is being made in auto form in each time, your website description tag shows up in search engine result. Description is used in SEO and SMO both, Either ON Page or OFF Page – Description tag is must for all website.

What we follow for better title and Description?
  • Title should not be more than 70 Character.
  • Description should not be more than 150 Character.
  • Title should match with your relevant keyword as well domain name.
  • Description should be in proper format with meaning full grammar.
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