Increase Website Traffic: Proven Methods

Web users who visit a website are referred to as website traffic. Visits sometimes called "sessions," are a standard technique to gauge how successfully an online business can draw customers. People often use SEO services in India to generate this traffic.  

The number of users that visit a website is referred to as website traffic. The website's goal, the users' objectives, and how they found the site will affect how many people visit it. Servers keep track of website activity and log each "hit" (visitor) that a page receives. A "session" is one visit to a website, during which you may look at several pages and do actions. 

The success of a website is said to be greatly dependent on its traffic. Of course, someone who builds a website as a pastime (for instance, a travel blogger sharing their experiences) may not think highly of their visitors. However, for companies and organizations, comprehending internet traffic and finding approaches to enhance it is essential for steady expansion. 

Why is website traffic essential for your business?

 Another question to be answered is why you need website traffic. 
Here are some of the reasons that you need website traffic: 
•    Website traffic helps in conversions 
•    It enables you to gain loyal customers 
•    It allows you to increase your rank in the SERP 
•    It helps you to get better reach and satisfies your niche. 

How you get quality traffic is another thing to solve. So, in this blog, we will discuss some topics that will help you get quality traffic.  

Some ways to increase traffic on your website without SEO

Business Blog

The urge to write about anything that piques your attention, including the current hot topic in your industry, recent news, or even a tirade, may be strong. However, there is a finite shelf life for these entries.

After publishing, you can see an increase in traffic. But as soon as the news, craze, or fad loses its attractiveness, your blog's traffic will simply disappear.

The response? Write about topics that are timeless and well-liked.

If your content is ranked on Google for relevant search terms, you'll receive consistent and passive organic search traffic. for writing SEO friendly blog you need content writing services in India.

Write irresistible headlines

Headlines are that part or kin simple language; you can say they are invitation cards. If you fail to grab your reader's attention, the content is of no use. The things that get noticed at once are heading. Hence it has to be strong enough to grab attention. 

Guest blog on your site

 Not only can you expand your themes and viewpoints with the help of guest authors, but they'll also want to share the piece with their network and include a link to it on their website, which can attract more visitors. Just make sure you only publish unique, high-quality material free of spammy links (lest you get a Google penalty and lose traffic). This may be accomplished, and your material kept on brand with general guest blogging standards. 

Incorporate video

 Use design applications like Canva to display data, recreate charts, and show ideas. Your website will receive links from other websites that utilize your photographs. Additionally, Google includes more photos in its standard search results, giving you additional chances to rank and raise your result's attraction (and consequently, click-through rate).  
These were some ways to enhance your traffic without SEO. What if you have an amalgamation of the best buddy of marketing, the one and only "the SEO"? 
Here are some of the tips used by a digital marketing company in India to boost your traffic: 

Target keywords

 People use keywords to enter words and phrases into search engines, and as you might expect, certain terms are searched more frequently than others. You may observe, for instance, that the word "how to boost website engagement" receives only around ten searches per month, but the keyword "how to increase website traffic" receives 300 searches. 

Place your keywords strategically

The foundation of on-page SEO services in india is optimizing your content so that search engines can recognize its topic and rank it in pertinent queries. Make sure your target keyword appears in the following places

•    Name tag (meta title) 
•    Heading 1 
•    Two or more H2 headings 
•    Naturally, the first 100 words in the body 
•    Name of the image files and alt text 
•    Meta information 

Optimize Your SERP Appearance

 Using the term in your Meta description and Meta title is insufficient. You must optimize these crucial pieces of information to increase their visibility on the SERP and promote more organic clicks. 

Keep this between 155 and 165 characters, describe the value the reader will receive from the content, and make it take able action. 

Make the keyword prominently placed at the beginning of the Meta title, which should be no more than 60 characters long, and mention a benefit or value. 

Link internally

 Make sure to include at least 1-3 links to other pages on your website when writing and posting material. Additionally, increasing traffic to those pages will

•    Keep users on your website longer.
•    Encourage them to see more pages.
•    Enable them to gain more value from your website.

All of these actions will raise your rating and increase traffic to your website. 

Improve your page speed

 Have you ever waited for a webpage to load for thirty seconds? Neither do I. Your bounce rate will be quite high if your website takes a long time to load. With the improvement of page experience, speed is now much more important as a ranking criterion. Make that all aspects of your pages, including picture file sizes, page layout, and the operation of third-party plugins, are as technically optimized as feasible. The better, the quicker your website loads.
Your site's performance will be rated by Google's Page Speed Insights tool, which will also recommend enhancing your Core Web Vitals and other factors. Use it! 


Make your site responsive

 Today, mobile devices receive more traffic than desktop computers, so forcing users to squeeze and scroll to navigate your website is urging them to leave. Even if your website is simple, you still need to ensure that it can be seen easily and conveniently on various devices, including smaller smartphones. 

Check out our Ultimate Website Audit Checklist to improve your website in every way (with an Epic 6-Tab Google Sheet). 

Regularly refresh your content

 Material freshness is a ranking criterion, and even the most evergreen content eventually loses its appeal. You'd be shocked at what a content refresh may do, even if your piece still appears on the top page of Google. A recent publish date may greatly raise CTR and move you up the SERP, which can result in a spike in visitors.   

However, you cannot just edit a few words and then modify the post's publish date. Google is more intelligent than that. Following are some tactics from my article on how to increase traffic to evergreen content

•    Update the data and statistics and add new ones. 
•    To demonstrate ideas, update old illustrations or make new ones. 
•    Insert new links 

Create backlinks

 Creating backlinks helps your website to gain credibility. Good quality links help in generating trust and loyalty. Once you connect to a trusted brand, your audience will develop confidence in you. So, it is essential to get credible and authentic backlinks. 

Promote your content on social media platforms

 Making excellent material and hoping that people would find it insufficient. Promote your content on the social media platforms that your audience uses most frequently. While Google Business postings can help your website appear in local search results, Twitter is best for quick, concise, and alluring connections. B2C goods companies may succeed on image-heavy social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. 

Not only will this increase traffic to your website, but the more people that read your material, the more probable it is that you will receive the previously mentioned backlinks.  

These are some of the tips that will help you to understand the importance of website traffic and how to increase them with both methods.

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