What is Panda and Penguin SEO?

Google is continuously working on its algorithm to provide best search result and user experience. To keep a check on website content and links Google launched panda and penguin SEO algorithm update. In this digital update market, every business owner is working to have a better online presence. To get into organic SERP sometimes people start using unethical means and to stop this kind of practice, Google Panda and Penguin SEO algorithm penalized these websites.

Panda and Penguin SEO services are offered to provide the best strategies to make sure your website rank high.

How to know you are penalized?

Our team of Panda and Penguin SEO expert looks closely after the website performance. If there is

  • Sudden or an abrupt decrease in organic ranking
  • Leads started decreasing
  • Google sent warning links
  • For a specific keyword abrupt drop in SERP

What Google panda and penguin SEO checks

Quality of Content - As we understand the role of content for a website, this algorithm looks after that there is no keyword stuffing, nothin content or is there any excessive advertisement.

Links - The best way to make your presence is to make good links. algorithm keep checking if there is any poor quality of links just for ranking. For better user experience it penalized a website which uses black hat techniques.

Why choose Barrownz Panda and Penguin SEO Services

  • Provides detailed report
  • Optimizing every bad linkg
  • Keyword stuffing is avoided
  • Provides quality content
  • keep a check on every inbound link
  • Removal of the link that is unethical
  • Re-submit for indexing

To overcome from penalization, Our Panda and Penguin SEO services improves your search quality with an affordable range of price. To overcome from these, Barrownz Group offers you best Panda and Penguin SEO Services. We understand the functionality of how panda and penguin SEO works to rank the website. Drawing on our years of expertise and deep knowledge we audit the page.